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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Persimmon Yogurt Jelly 美味奶冻

What to eat on hot day?!

Feel craving of some dessert on hot day?! Here it is, simple and delicious.. Hopefully you guys enjoy..

Persimmon Yogurt Jelly 奶冻


Ingredients A :

300 ml fresh milk

80g sugar, mixed wv 5 g jelly power

2 cups pic yogurt

1 tbsp lemon juice

½ grated lemon rind

Ingredients B:

300ml water

50g sugar, mixed wv 5 g jelly powder

Persimmon, washed and cubed


1. A. Bring milk to boil at medium low heat.. Add in sugar & jelly powder mixture and stir till dissolved.. Remove from heat, mix in yogurt, lemon juice & grated lemon rind.. Pour mixture into mould.. Leave aside until half set..

2. B. Bring water to boil, add in sugar & jelly powder mixture and stir till dissolved. Mix in persimmon cubes..

3. Pour over B mixture and leave until set..

Best enjoy after chilled!!!


1. A:用小火将鲜奶煮滚,加入糖&jelly powder拌煮至溶解,离火,加入yogurt, lemon& lemon皮屑拌匀。倒入容器内,到凝固。

2. B: 水煮滚,加入糖&jelly powder拌煮至溶解,加入甜柿丁拌匀。

3. B倒入A上,冷后放入冰箱就好了。

Guess what!!! I found a very cute outfit while lookin for CNY shirts!!! Very cute!!!

Am I cute in such outfit?!

What do u think?!


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Friday, December 23, 2011

Xmas is coming!!!

JINGLE BELL JINGLE BELL, JINGLE ALL THE WAY…” Xmas song is playing everywhere.. Xmas tree, santa, santarina, gift exchange and bla bla bla!!! Did you hang socks eagerly awaiting a gift from santa?! Anything you wish to tell santa?! Get a gift from him?! Request a wish from him?! Well, let me be your first santarina delivers your message to santa,k?!

does santa clauz exist?!

Yea yea yea!!! Finally I have done all my assignment, presentation and everything.. After final and officially say bye bye to my SEM 5.. LALALA!!!~ hmmm~ lately I have been involved in helping and coordinating some projects and playing a role on backstage.. From being a focus on stage to coordinate, arrange, communicate, dealin and more with different level of management grow me up and make me stronger.. Just feeling grateful and lucky have been given me to explore and challenge new things in my life!

tell me what you want to tell santa clauz?!

Feel touched when I received my reader message that: MB, how are you?! Lookin forward your new post!!

MB, can tell me more about how to sponsor a child?!

Thanks everyone who enjoys my blog^^ you guys soO sweet!!! I will update my blog more =]

demo a xmas make up wv well known MUA sktan..


any inspiration your own xmas look?!

Crap aside, so how about your Xmas?! House xmas party?! Xmas trip?! Wv frens, sweetheart, family or?! Anyway, wish you have a sweet sweet Xmas!!!


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Monday, December 5, 2011

Define My Own Beauty


We girls deserve to be appreciated, pampered and respected. You will never deny when a girl improves her appearance, a lot of good things happen. And make up cosmetic will help those with low self esteem.. Ofcoz, inner beauty is important as I love myself, family, friends and whoever love me as well.. I care my weigh, skin, hair, health and finance.. I read books which interesting, I travel with friends, I eat what I feel delicious, I club crazy and bla bla bla.. Just do whatever you feel right and be accountable every decision you choose..

From glasses to lens

For me, makeup is practice makes perfect, just take it as coloring likes when we was small to learn color on color book =] If you tell: guy always complain we girls look dramatically different with and without makeup.. Well, you will not gain any attention from him without makeup at beginning..

From shadow to eyeliner and mascara

It enhances your natural beauty and most importantly, WHEN YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL =]

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Steamed cream crackers cake 蒸苏打饼蛋糕

It is very simple steamed cake but quite delicious.. Did one for a bday leng moi zai and I know she cant finish it.. End up I cut into pieces and delivered to frens around..

Steamed cream crackers cake


250g butter
50g sugar (I scaled 170g since using fine sugar)
25 pieces cream cracker (crush it)
6 eggs
Some coco powder


1. Beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy.

2. Add the eggs into
mixture and mix well.

Add in the crushed crackers and mix well.

Pour the mixture into 2 portions. Add your preference favor ( milo powder, coco powder or bla bla bla)

5. Spread some butter or oil on tray before purin a layer, steam it (around 15mins). Then continue with a layer of other flavored and steam. Continue doing this with alternating flavored until you finish up the mixture. (Use a toothpick into the middle, if come out clean, the cake is done)



可可粉 (适量)



5。摸一层薄牛油在摸器底。倒入一层原味,大火蒸熟(大约15 分钟)。后倒入可可味,一层一层蒸熟。(用牙签插入蛋糕中间,如没有液体粘着意味蛋糕已熟)

Beat butter and sugar until this colour (要打到这样才可以)

Put crackers inside a plastic bag and smash it (把苏打饼放在纸袋里用手压碎)


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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Join with me, Sponsor A Child

get asked: did you practice your smile?! =]

Hi there, it is my 3rd time blog about world vision.. Yes, I wish to use the media influence more and more to join this meaningful programme, world vision.. From the first time I shared the info, some felt curious, asked for more about and get involved.. Fren’s fren saw my blog accidentally or influenced by him/her.. More aware and get involved.. I’m feelin happy bring the awareness to more and believe it is meaningful and we should promote it!!! Some of my frens get involved UNICEF as well.. Either UNICEF, WORLD VISION or others, your good will earn my respect!!!

If you’re interested more, willin to share those CD, story wv you, come and ask from me =]

For your info, World Vision Malaysia began in 1997 as a Support Office with the aim of raising funds for and awareness of needy children and communities overseas. You can get involved by sponsor a child, RM 50 per month per child, your contribution will be used to develop your child's community. Plus, you give an additional RM30 the first month for your child injection to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Attacted some touchin story, short video, song about world vision

Join with me, sponsor a child in world vision msia. No worries, YOU CAN STOP if havin financial problem after months you get involved, as long as inform and people will assign new sponsor to your sponsored child... Be frank, be responsible once get involved like you adopt a pet, have to carin, lovin and take care of them not only like to try new things and does not last~ And I strongly believe you can save Rm50 per month to join this meaningful programme as long as you quit 1 club, 1 datin, less call or 5 packs of cigarette will do!!!

Received updates, but I prefer update me via mail so can cut down the cost

I believe a Video or picture tells everything.. Appreciate your involvement, hopefully you join this meaningful programme with me.. If interested my past blog about in chinese version, kindly refer to 我是乖宝宝A thanks giving letter from my sponsored child.

How blissful we’re if compared to them

International superstar, Wang Leehom, has signed on as World Vision Malaysia's 15th Anniversary Ambassador. He is no stranger to World Vision's work as he is a child sponsor of 20 children under World Vision's Child Sponsorship Programme. Leehom will partner World Vision Malaysia throughout 2012 to heighten awareness of its work among the poor.

What you waitin for?! We see change, what do you see?!

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Time I was in bridal gown..

Yiipiiiiyaya~ 7 days job completed!!! Start doin my assignment and follow by my vacation, so called sem break!!! Muz spend time on vacation what =] LALALA~

From last conversation with her, somehow talkin about marriage and she has been lookin forward in bridal gown bla bla bla just reminds me I wore bridal gown in numbers.. If accordin the tradition thought that woman only can wear bridal gown one in life think I just over the quota, LOL!!!

Sharin you guys some past and lately I was in bridal gown:

When time Im new joined modellin

After some time

Around 2 weeks ago

Somehow I just love this picture

Studio bridal shoot

Always feel she is a STAR

Im feelin blissful whenever in bridal gown and will never get bored of wearin it.. Years ago, I was attracted by those bridal show models wearin a series of beautiful bridal gown on stage inspired me to join as you guys think or so called modellin, it changes me a lot and colours up my life. But I prefer named myself as freelancer instead of model..

Have been lookin forward anyone of my gang get married soon and be bridesmaid gang!!! xOxO~

Two combined pictures:

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Whatever happened in campus..

Everyone is surprise whenever catch me in campus.. LOL!!! Well, I just directly back hostel after class and seldom to join any campus activity.. =] The entire October, think days I was in campus around 10++ days.. Always appreciate my coursemates will never stingy to share and updated me the latest info or lesson I have missed.. BIG BIG THANKS TO THEM!!! LOL, and people around always wonder my academic result yet im proud to tell pointer still maintain 3 and above.. Lalalaa~ just lucky jek =]]

Basically my campus uum is located a rural area, Sintok.. TOTALLY no entertainment or so called night life AND bla bla bla...soO let me share you some about my campus life.. Weeks ago, invited by fren gettin out to shoot a poster for their assignment… The very first time applied SUPERB RED lipstick and had a enjoyable day wv them..

Picture behind scene:

wv mit and sze

A sweet pic wv liz and sze

They're sweet & funny enough^^

Enjoyed a Italian + france cuisine which prepared by hospitality course students wv lovely coursemates.. Sowee to say the appetizer, soup and bread was delicious but BIG NONO on the main course and dessert!!! The taste just weird =[

Environment not bad..

I just feelin dizzy on table manner!!!

Prepared by hospitality student

Token as appreciation, we got milk choc each after paid

Everyone is surprise whenever catch me in campus.. LOL!!! Well, I just directly back hostel after class and seldom to join any campus activity.. =]

In slipper & polo tee are not considered over since she wore jeans and T-shirt!!! Hahaha,formal wear campus pulak!!!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First try in Sakae sushi..

Heheee, as I promised.. I wish to share u my activities however I have little time in front of my lappy, SAD SAD =[ Hopefully you guys will never leave me behind even I less bloggin lately,k?! *wink wink*

Its froggie, cute froggie!!!

Well well well, this time I’d share you a Sushi restaurant which named SAKAE.. Definitely sushi lovers will familiar with.. Sad that there’re no outlet available in IPOH.. The special is their IPAD ORDERIN SYSTEM!!! AND THE FIRST INNOVATION IN MSIA!!! Finally I tried it in FOC.. Muahahha!!! Plus I received rm50 cash voucher, big thanks to sakae!!! Had a wonderful day with love ones.. sad that josheen not here since she is a food lover as well..

More and more you guys can find out thru its FB=]


First ipad oderin system as I mentioned.. Easy, convenience and effective

Grab it while doin promotion & reasonable price

Yummy yummy sushi platter.. I love the muchis!!! QQ muchiii!!! Temptin you right?!! Pic retrieved from fish

I really dont like this or so called salmon!!! Bla bla bla.. I know lots love japanese cuisine becoz of this, but sowee it is not my cup of tea.. I’ll pick out whenever it appears on my plate!!!

Chawan mushi with shark fin and assorted mushroom

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