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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SHILLS meet beauty bloggers

Harlow my frens!!! DO YOU MIZZ ME DO U MIZZ ME??!!! yea.. I MIZZ U ALL SOo much!!! Sowee for not blogging whole month since I was busy my new sem stuffs, workin and so on.. I’LL SHARE WITH YOU GUYS ONE BY ONE =] The first thing I wish to share with u guys an event so called “SHILLS MEET BEAUTY BLOGGERs”.

accidentally bumped into chukei and ashley

On event day, we're being told about SHILLS history (Im sure girls must familiar with since SHILLS product is high recommended by the TV show 《女人我最大》 and enjoyed products demo as well.. BIG THANKS TO SHILLS!!! SHILLS available on nationwide such as sasa and selected guardian. There're 2 shills outlets so far which are Times square,KL & Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca and more are coming..

Goods given out by SHILLS,THANKS SHILLS

Event agenda

Well, i'd like share you some SHILLS best seller items.

First: Miracle lift body contour control & Anosa slim patch.

These both items are strongly recommended in Tv show Ladies First. You may give a try since it has great response from public!!!

Second: Instant pink lips and bust top lightening pack

Shills MY SECRET DIARY Instant Pink Lips And Bust Top Lightening Pack contains 2 kinds of beauty and repair cream. The net weight is 8 ml each. The product hydrates, nourishes and leaves skin fair and soft. It conceals dull and dry parts, leading to rubicund, appealing, colours. Anti Age Essence, which contains 2 in 1 repair cream, hydrates and nourishes dull and dry lips and nipples so that skin returns to its natural beauty.Lip and areolas Tattoo, which contains Instant Pink cream, gradually turns pink with body heat. You will enjoy the instant pink result in about 30 seconds.

Sweet design

Its soO cute!!!

SHILLS 3M Bubble Body Scrub

-Super fine bubble texture: Easy go into pores, bring out excess oil and impurities.

-Papaya and pumpkin enzyme: Melting dead skin cells in gentle way. Hamamelis extract: anti oxidant and anti inflaming.

-Specially used on knees, elbows and other rough or black body skin, gently dissolving the dead skin, easy step to form a translucent radiance skin!

Effectively removes dead skin cells and dull looking skin. A 1- 3 minutes quick clean regime, using massage motion, dissolve old skin cells and surface them for easy removal. It also adds whitening ingredients, to further enhance the brightening effect on skin. It promotes clear skin, refined skin texture, smooth skin just like a newborn.

More bloggers will blog about it, kindly have a look on SHILLS FACEBOOK.

Im sure you guys will bored if continuos seeing my post.. I’d stop here and actually you can find everything about skincare and cosmetic for top to toe there. There are cosmetic products, shampoo, facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer, essence, mask, special care, body lotion, body scrub, slimming product, and etc. In SHILLS concept store, they have professional and friendly consultants that will assist you and advice you on the products that is suitable for you.

Stay Tuned my another chapter..

# Have A Blast One! #


  1. yeah bee bee, i miss u i miss u, do u hear me? lolz...why never invite me to attend sucha nice event ya, and i like your red colour skirt ler, nice nice...

  2. Miang bee, I come to support :D

  3. <3 mizz yenling!!! we make it next time ^^ <3 florance <3

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