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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Happy Chinese new year everyone=]

When I was a kid, angpau is only thing I think of CNY but perception is changed as I grow up and CNY is a festival to bring us reunion from here and there like mine as we’re having a reunion dinner at home with family in steamboat style, chattin & kiddin each and laughter was around dining room =] SWEET

at darlin house gambling with gang till next day sunrise

And gang which workin outstation get back as well, feelin sweet to meet back familiar faces though bit tired since everyday is filled by workin, gambling, clubbin, drinkin, driving and bla bla bla.. Plus de weather!!!! Sickenin of it!!! yuckkkkkkkkk

How about My days of CNY?!

Here we go =]

family reunion dinner

Lou shang

Welcome 2012 and im gonna say bye bye to my 22nd

Low carb & high protein is effective to weigh loss

Anyways, no matter what schedule of CNY you have.. Enjoy


# Have A Blast One! #

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bye bye SEM 5..

Wualala~ These two months were busy on my assignment, presentation and final.. FINALLY WRAPPED UP !!!

Notes for exam!!! sick of Nescafe & redbull =[

Workin workin and workin, oO yea.. I have earn much more money than, wee wiittt~ =] Here tips when we girls get asked for phone num, if you feel uncomfortable with that fella, you just dial him 999 =] COOL RIGHT?! Somebody taught me and I feel it works!!!

Sad wiii~ still not getting any CNY shirt..

Everywhere is packed since Chinese new year juz around the corner and the weather is definitely oO yea~ HOT as the mars right now while heavy rain the next!!! sO Vit C is your BFF, don’t lazy to consume it every day to boost up your immune system in term of you fall sick later!!!

Fat mum favorite: trio chicken wv cheesy laza @ pizza hut.. Dine in whenever back from campus =D

When talk about health care, I gonna share that medical card is quite important.. Basically there’re few types, claim it when you’re admitted to hospital or the money is gone.. iz better sign up those medicplus plan likes medical plus life plan.. Talk and negotiate with your financial planner and design a best for you.. Aint expensive and complicated as you thought! Accident is unpredictable, prevent better than cure and the major reason I signed up becoz of fat mum kept nagging I should have own since young!!! Funny to hit back: ma, you’ll have an extra money if I die99, remember dial this num find this fella to get your money ar!!! LOL

Relax relax, Im not an insurance agent, but if you’re interested, I can recommend fren to you =]


All access card

Wv kay which a singer in sweet appearance

WHO IS HE?!! DANG DANG DANG!!!! PATRICK!!! AWWW~ Cant stop to touch, hug, hold it.. sO cute soO cuteeeeee!!!!

Though different mascots appearance on that day, but my sight just FOLLOW both them


# Have A Blast One! #


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