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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cella Bio Fiber Nano-Cellulose Facial Mask Review

Eat, drink, drank, drunk, supper, gatherin, clubbin, gamblin and bla bla bla… Everyone had fun on Chinese New Year, right?! Almost whole week long sleepin late since your schedule is PACKED, PACKED AND PACKED!!!! WHEN TIME YOU LOOK AT MIRROR!!!! NOOOOO!!!! SKIN GETS WORSE!!! Wrinkle, eye dark circles, big pores!!!! DULL SKIN DULL SKIN AND DULL SKIN!!!!

NOW WHAT YOU NEED IS… A MASK to brighten, moisture & tighten your pores, thus, the result, a tender, radiant and firm skin =]

Free trial on them

aha~ I was too luckily to be shortlisted joinin the product experience sharing and given single pack of cella biofiber nano-cellulose mask-wrinkless & moisturizing and cella biofiber nano-cellulose eye mask anti aging for trial.. WOOHOO~ I am excited of its result..

Lynn Lim is the spoke person of Cella

For those who are new to the brand, here is a short intro about Cella.. Cella is a skincare brand under Hueristic Sdn.Bhd. which delivers excellent quality beauty treatments.. Cella strives to provide professional cosmeceutical products that give your skin a whole new experience.. Despite its rather new history, Cella brings in the biofiber nano-cellulose recognized as the best material in beauty industry, and matches it up with luxurious active essence.. With the combination of advanced technology and natural ingredients, a new era for skincare is about to begin..

Any products will give you result if you have follow the routine but you gotta pick a right item yea

Quite special that each mask is composed of 3 layers (From Left to right : white outer, blue netted and essence layer ).

Left: Remove the outer layer and place the essence layer on face, texture is unique like jelly stick to my face aint like some easily slip away if you move around, *THUMBS UP*

Right: Last, remove the blue netted layer and leave the essence layer on face for 20-30 minutes. No need to rinse off after peeling off the mask.

Plus point: I smell hint of vanilla taste when open it

My skin is feelin smoother and softer now, ur turn to try it =] since there are different types of masks available in the market so it is important that we pick a face mask suitable for own skin type to reap the benefits..

Overall I scored it 8.5/10..

Get more information, Cella facebook page..


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