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Thursday, March 8, 2012

A simple dessert: Batik Cake

Good day!!! Aha, I know it has been time my since last post .. erhmmm~ GENERALLY SPEAKIN, IM JUST A LAZY BUM BUM =D A lot of thing have to settle and totally killin me mentally and physically.. Anyways, that’s my choice and I’ll be accountable for every decision I made.. =] *wish me luck*

A kiss from me to you for whoever love and care me much!!! Big thanks

But today I gonna share you all a simple dessert which no bakin needed and simple as well.. Totally I have never tasted this cake BEFORE I found in University.. For me, it is not considered a cake since you’ll find out some biscuit chunk in texture and less like a normal cake but it not that firm texture as sponge cake, soft as cheese cake and it just has its own taste..argghhh!!! HARD TO DESCRIBE, YOU SHOULD HAVE A TRY IF U’RE DESSERT LOVER =]

By coincidentally I saw its recipe and decided to make it..

Batik cake: don’t judge the book by its cover (though the outlook not that attracting)


Marie biscuit 180g (crush it)

Milo powder 200g

Coco powder (2 big teaspoons)

Butter ½ chunk

Carnation milk ( 50 ml)

Egg white (1)

Vanilla & choc flavor essence (depend)

Melt the butter

1. Melt the butter in low heat, stir together milo powder, coco powder, egg white and carnation milk until evenly and stirring without stopping for about another 15-20 minutes, or until a thick custard forms.

2. Drip few drop vanilla and choc flavor essence in term of more smell good

3. You may pour mixture into container and layered by marie biscuits or mix all biscuit into mixture, stir well and pour into container..

4. Best enjoy after store in fridge chill and firm up for few hours or overnight!!!

1. 低温溶化牛油后加入milo powder, coco powder, egg white carnation milk,搅拌均匀后一直搅拌之浓约15-20分钟

2. 随意加入vanilla choc flavor essence增加香味。

3. 最后可以在皿器排一层饼干后倒入一层巧克力糊,重复至完或把饼干和巧克力糊搅匀后倒入皿器.

4. 冷藏后享用=]



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