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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The story about my 23rd...


Thanks for the compliment & bday wishes again!!! Im sorry if I had missed to thank anyone of you.. =) Hereby I am gonna sharing you my real life experience that I had about the pageant.. Hopefully it could encourage any low self esteem lady to take part in next year where there are a lots of things to learn, will miss lots of good stuffs and chances in your life where you will surely regret in the future.. 

Here we go,
First day (5/7/2012)
Workin until 2pm and proceeded to meet up my besties before I checked in hotel for the 11 days 10 nights pageant. Met up other states finalists and gosh!!!! They are gorgeous especially those represent of sabah. Pageant briefin, and I told myself I gotta loose some weighs since all are just SLIM & FIT..  Everyone got pair of sandal, 3 T-shirts & 2 goody bags..

You will never get hungry =)
Got up about 6.30 make up, hair do & breakfast at hotel. Visited sponsors, touched up and media press conference.. Photograph session in evening gown, swimwear and black elegant wear, shooting under the sun, pool side and garden ( I juz envy some contestants their good figure shape, not only slim, but boobs as well, look at my boobs and sigh again, maybe I should wear nude bra, add on pads whatever make it bigger as them, hahahaa~) Dinner at sponsored restaurant.. oO yea, we got pair of covered shoes again =)

wv kids <3
Got up about 5 make up, hair do.. Today we had a charity bicycle ride about 6km, self challenge!!! (Imma besties will know how suck of my cycling skill, LOL ) Activities with public like street dance, learning martial art, donation and others until late noon..  Attended a cultural art course, being taught to be a girl who shines from inner beauty.. Historic spot visited to recall back our culture & history knowledge.. Orphanage & old folks home visited ( totally gave us a BANG when you really in real situation,  especially some kids ran into you, pullin your shirt, holding ur hands, waist.. Everyone burst into tears ) Dinner at sponsored restaurant.. And what, you will never get hungry and the refri in hotel always packed with HL milk, fruit drinks and jelly since Marigold is one of our sponsors and Spritzer mineral water as well..

To be continued..
P/s: I was a ugly, fat & low self esteem lady.. Stay positive, believe into yourself and you will make a miracle.. 

# Have A Blast One! #

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


It has been a time my last post and I am here AGAIN =) Im not missin and have been doing fine =)

JULY 2012, de month OFFCIALLY I remove the identity of a uni student, lookin forward my convocation on coming OCT <3 And guess what, I booked my Vietnam ticket end of july when time I was doing my final..
 “ why booked Vietnam?!”
“ crazy!!! Are u kidding me?”
“ you are girl, travel alone will be dangerous!!!” bla bla bla…

T.I.E. Take it easy!  I’ll be accountable for every decision I did and im de one who decide de way of my life yet travel is thing I do enjoy and love.. From ticket bookin, schedule planning till de day  take off, landin on somewhere u totally new till you explore and discover a new country culture, see and learn their socio, taste their local delicacious and etc.. Totally feelin excited when you get up in a new place and goin to discover the thing you will never seen, heard, taste in previously life.. Will I feel scared?  feel lost?! Yes, I’ll.. but Im handle it by doin well research about it.. I bring my guts and Im confidence I can do it =) Sounds a challenge and yes, I TAKE DE CHALLENGE.. 

Im a cancer babe and my bday falls on july =) I love bday, it links all my good frens to have  a simple dinner as my bday celebration.. Than we can reunion and talk together about day, thoughts, life, love and everything.. And laughter always around us when topic come to “schoolin history”!!! hahaha =) pretty sure there are a lot fun to recall back =) So it is a chance we share each & strengthen our friendship even we are less to meet nowadays but I still feel the close as we never apart <3

Tell ya, Im goin to take part a beauty pageant on my 23rd =) Wish me luck heaps..
oO my lovely july =)

# Have A Blast One! # 


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