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Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Backpack Vietnam Day 2

WOOHOO~ Got up early morning about 7am and ready for my MEKONG DELTA TRIP, a look into typical Vietnamese life. 

Boat Boardin =)

Depart from The Sinh Tourist office to Cai Be (One of the floating Villages of Mekong Delta) by air cond bus about 2 hours..Begin the trip by boarding a boat to discover the beauty of Cai Be floating market with local people being selling, buying, exchanging goods from their boats..

Boat is their home..

What the boat sellin? aha,it is sellin potato as you can see some potato hang on the bamboo from picture,LOL\
Next, wander thru different floatin village around to see the daily activities of the local people here. . Oo yea, there are many shops here with locally made goods and craft.. Visitin the local village, see how rice paper making, coconut candy producing process..  Ofcoz, chance to enjoy the local specialities such as snake wine, honey tea, coconut candy and others.. Cruisin thru those village to see the peaceful tranquil life of villagers, admiring marvelous natural settin of Mekong Delta region..

Vietnam coconut not bad as well =) Rm1.50

You can get some souvenirs here as well =)
Enjoyed lunch at a riverside restaurant while listenin to Vietnamese traditional music.. Walked around the place, get told the history of Mekong delta and places around.. Boatin along the Mekong river to vinh long(another side of Mekong) Not to surprise, you will see children, man, women bathing in river.. Boat trip was fun, wore a spec exposed under the sun and enjoyed the tranquil of Mekong delta..
Coconut candy processin
Rice paper makin

Truly it happens to me, when I was travel alone in Vietnam to see different people, living in a very different lives of world if compared to us..  It just changed the way of im thinkin, minds and everything.. On that moment, totally I feel that I am just blissful enough as some people from corner of world still having a very poor life..  A very completely different lifestyle even it only took 2 hours flight from msia.. 

To be continued..

# Have A Blast One! #

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