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Monday, September 17, 2012

My Vietnam backpack Day 3 & 4

My 3rd day in HCM =) As usual, get up about 9 some to explore the beauty of Saigon.. 

For me, one day is enough to visit all attractions like china town, binh tay market, reunification hall, notre dame cathedral and general post office ..  It is quite convenience that those attractions actually are near each other within walkin distance, What you need to do is wearin pair of comfortable shoes and explore it =) 

Takin their local transport to destination 
Admire their beautiful French architectures
 And days here, I have eaten variety food which I have never gotten in my home country, mostly food in vietnam down to sweet even sippin cup of vietnam coffee on street is a fun experience as well..

My everyday breakfast in vietnam, Rm1.60
There a lot of filling let you to choose

Day 4, MUINE, Vietnam highly recommended if you are travel alone and definitely you will fall for it.. It takes about 6 hours from saigon to muine =)

Sunburn 99 at muine

It is a very beautiful place as I told

Basically muine is a small fishing village along the beachside.. At here, you can take the time to relax under the palm tree shacks all along the beach or swim in the crystal clear waters.. Attractions in muine are white sand beaches, yellow sand dunes, red canyon and fairy stream..With the strong breezes, muine is  famous for kite and wide surfing as well.. There are a lot of angmo and it was the place I get treated & woo the most, hahahaha!!!! Plus, you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset if you are that romantic enough..  

A great place to relax

Not to surprise to see it everywhere in muine

Fairy stream

# Have A Blast One! #
White sand beach

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