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Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Vietnam backpack Day 5 & 6..

Happy mid autumn festival everyone!!! Especially for those workin, studyin in oversea.. Stay strong, ur loved ones missing you as you do =) Have you eaten any mooncake so far?! Which is ur favorite? For me, white lotus always is my first choice.. LOL!!! Regret to blog about my Vietnam backpack days since it is like never end story!!! Joke aside, lets continue my story in Vietnam.. *wink*

Day 5, got up early morning about 5am, ridin 20 mins thought to enjoy sunrise however clouds blocked but its still a pleasant journey, walked along the beach to see the locals is new experience for me as well.. Awww, truly I fall for this peaceful and beautiful place!!! Sad to say bye bye to this beautiful place and heading to my next destination DALAT..

Ill be back again for sure =)) Ultimate LUV!!!
Day 6, DALAT.
Dalat  is a city located on highlands, de climate here superb cold !!!  Especially at night, perhaps 10’C.. get ready ur jacket or winter costume if you are planning to visit here, people here wearin gloves, hat somemore.. Stupid me not doin enough research, I was getting seriously sick after day time visitin dalat..  Quite special that mostly buildings and houses here were built in a French style so dalat, nicknamed as “ The little paris” as well.. There are a lot of attractions in dalat what I searched from internet or forum.. However my body condition was not allow me to stay more than one day here =( 

A lot of beautiful churches in Vietnam

Outside of Bao Dai Summer Palace
Bao Dai Summer’s Palace.. A chance to discover the living of the royal family.. Everything inside still preserved in a good condition as we need to wear pair of special shoes before get into it =)

You will not be surprised by the imprint of French architectures everywhere in dalat and I feel the most unique to recommend is THE CRAZY HOUSE, one of top ten strange buildings of the world.. Their unique architectural design, uneven windows, tunnel-shaped stairway and more just surprise you again and again!!! That is a MUST visit attraction if you are in dalat, Vietnam..


Train Travel in Dalat.. Thru the journey, I can enjoy the lifestyle of local people, the nice sight of Dalat as train is goin on a turtle speed, LOL..  There are more attractions like flower garden, the lover bridge and so on in dalat worth to visit as well ^^

My train travel in Dalat =)
De dalat milk pudding is sOO delicious!!! *DROOLIN*

# Have A Blast One! #

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