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Saturday, October 27, 2012


Patrick is gettin lost to back home

My careless to lost him.. sowee Patrick, I don’t mean to dump you.. Its almost a week I lost my Patrick.. No more cuddle cuddle, no more secret sharing again.. I thought everything will be fine somehow I mizz Patrick especially pourin day and night time =( Hopefully Patrick gets a better owner to take care of him.. Even he is no more new and bit cacat but Patrick really is my babeee all de time..

Look at my round face!!! DISASTER!!!
And people, stop saying im slim, should eat more,  u look great in chubby!!!! CUT THE CRAPS!!!  LIARS!!! Well, I was quite “slim” once a while.. mum, colleagues, agent and everyone were saying im look pale in that condition.. IT WAS MONTH AGO!!! Last night when I stand on the scale again!!! SHIT!!!! I HAVE GAINED WEIGHT!!! AT LEAST 2 KG.. AT LEAST!!! Every day Im not eatin eat proper meal, dessert, pastry, biscuit, ice cream day and night cause its result .. From today onwards, I WAN ON DIET!!! 

An early gift I reward myself on my 24 year old
Tell ya.. I juz booked a flight ticket again.. Destination is Cambodia.. But this time I gonna landing at Cambodia and take off at Bangkok.. Cross broader.. 11 days 10 nights.. Isaac (one of my mentors plus bff ) kept sayin Cambodia nothing to visit, 4-5 days are more than enough.. he is just enthusiast to givin me advice and arrange me everything since he went Cambodia years ago.. Thankiewww Isaac!!! But what.. de one u know about me definitely not a “YES GIRL”.. I’ll arrange my own schedule and define you’re wrong, Cambodia is worth for visit for 5 days 6 days or even more!!! Wakaka =D

I think woman cant resist a teddy bear  no matter how old  is she
Past few months, some of my frens might find out I took part some pageants, featured on some magazine, mv, tvc and etc.. LOL, im feelin uncomfortable & embarrass whenever people pointin at me and gossip about this girl is newly crowned miss… this girl took part that contest, this girl is model of..  I learnt from previously, I din update and share any news about it anymore.. Everything come in pro and cons, I have nearly tried things I wanted to, I dream to when I was small but gossips come along the frame as well!!! Some are really ridiculous I have never seen, heard in life n facing a lots of drama king and queen..   Well, at first really thanks for u all support, I’ll not go that far without any of your support.. but im really not used to put myself into it.. Muchiee thankieww to everyone who dares to book me and keep giving me chance to perform.. Remove de title & frame, im still de one who speaks  vulgarity words , laugh loudly whenever I hear some funny, “yellow”  talks wv those funny fella, prank around and do whatever I feel good..Honestly, I have no image.. N im lazy to carry the image front of loved ones.. Be mercy and better be understanding, in this industry today you are in, tomorrow you are out! Better improve yourself to stay longer in this industry instead of doing anything stupid.. 

I was losing myself for once but im strong.. wipe off all the tears and get rejuvenated =) Wish me luck!!!

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