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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Xmas =)

Did you receive any xmas present?! I received yummy ginger bread & facial voucher from my lovely jimus ^^ They are superb lovely!!! *Touchin touchin*

Merry Xmas fren =) Wishing you a very merry xmas & happy new year! I was workin on xmas eve & xmas, sad that cant celebrate it wv frens and family =(
2012 is a fruitful year for me, there’re the reasons:

  1. Managed to get a dean cert on sem 5.. It was a challenge make a balance point  in between study &  career!
  2. Graduated in class second upper, say bye bye to my uni life..
  3. Surprisingly Im crowned as Miss Malaysia Earth, fire and walked away a sub title, miss energetic..
  4. First time involved in a reality show, Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant, had a great experience wv bunch of lovely crew members & participants..
  5. Backpack travel alone in Vietnam around 10 days in Rm1000( price included flight ticket as well =) )
  6. Realize a wish I made on 19 years old, abroad oversea at least one time every year, and 2012 I was abroad more than it =))
  7. Had my very first music video shooting, magazine shoots &  product shoots..
  8. Feeling great of still able being a bridal model after years.. Truly appreciate agent & client whose still willing to book me..
  9. Earn my first gold in 2 months time..
  10. I am a blissful girl of having my family & frens’s support, concern & encourage all the time..  You know who you are =)

# Have A Blast One! #


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